Career development
transformation for
workplaces that care.

Workthrough is a career engagement and HR consultancy at the intersection of employee experience and professional development. We keep people engaged at work by keeping them engaged in their careers. You can't care about one without caring about the other.

What We Do

We coach, create strategies and build alongside teams to foster a culture of growth and learning while launching inclusive career development programs.

Fractional Learning & Development and Career Engagement

Elevate your organization's employee experience and business outcomes with inclusive L&D and career engagement models and strategies that retain and keep employees engaged.

Workplace Coaching

Set your teams and people leaders up for success with our one-on-one and group coaching. We offer guidance on effective career conversations, goal-setting, professional development decision-making and issues that impact the career growth of marginalized individuals.

Workplace Learning

Enhance internal training and skills development with our custom workshops that make managers better people leaders and provide employees with the tools to communicate, embrace feedback and explore career growth opportunities in your organization.

Career Accelerator and Skills Development Partner

Launch funded talent development and labour market programs with our program design and advisory support.

You could do the work on your own, but working through it together is better.

Our Values

  • Curiosity

    There's no such thing as silly questions if you're exploring new ideas. Knowledge ignites progress.

  • Empathy

    We care about people first and foremost. If you're reading this, you do too.

  • Inclusion

    Everyone deserves life-changing career experiences, but good ones that they want to remember.

  • Growth

    We always want to improve and help workplaces improve too. Change is good for everyone.

Who We Work With

  • Startups

    Competing for talent is tough, especially when you're in growth mode. We develop a career engagement model that retains your most passionate people as your business scales. We focus less on what larger organizations are doing and more on creating and amplifying impactful career experiences at your startup.

  • Established Organizations

    Your organization has career development systems and practices in place, but you feel it's time to explore new strategies or update your existing ones. We'll do a pulse check, analyze gaps, and find opportunities to innovate career engagement in your organization.

  • Government & Education

    Are you a fully-funded program or educational institution dedicated to accelerating the skills and careers of underrepresented professionals? We help design and launch innovative career development programs to support the career growth of individuals and diversify the labour-market.

Where We Work

Workthrough is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, but we partner with clients across North America. As a remote-first company, we have worked with organizations with teams in major hubs such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and New York.

What our clients say about us